Office of Student Leadership & Engagement

Discover Your Strengths with StrengthsFinder Workshops

What is StrengthsFinder?The Clifton StrengthsFinder is the culmination of more than 50 years of Dr. Donald O. Clifton's lifelong work: leading millions of people around the world to discover their natural talents. The simple online assessment and accompanying resources and materials are your portals to discovering your Strengths - making success in life and leadership within your grasp.

Discover Your StrengthsThe Office of Student Leadership and Engagement is your headquarters for the development of your Strengths. We offer multiple ways for you to engage with Strengthsfinder:

  • Strengths Coaching*: Connect with one of our many Strengths Coaches to embark on personalized coaching and mentoring rooted in your Strengths. No previous exposure to Strengths is necessary for coaching, jump in at any time! Read more here
  • Facilitated Workshops: Request a facilitated workshop for your group to collectively discover their Strengths. We have set workshops, or we can create custom experiences for classes, student organizations, retreats, staff training, and more. Read more here

*Note: In order to participate in Strengths events and coaching with OSLE, participants must take the online Strengths assessment. This assessment is $11.99 per person. Events marked with an asterisk are free for all students. OSLE will provide you with access to the online assessment. Some facilitated workshops may require the organizer to provide the assessment to participants. 

Check out our Resources and FAQ page for more information about purchasing the online assessment and other questions about StrengthsFinder with OSLE.