Office of Student Leadership and Engagement

Emotionally Intelligent Leadership Workshop Series

What is Emotionally Intelligent Leadership?

Emotionally Intelligent Leadership (EIL) is the capacity for recognizing our own feelings and those of others, for motivating others, and for managing emotions well in ourselves and in our relationships. This series explores various skills and practices related to EIL. Participants of this series will develop their EIL skills and apply those skills to their leadership practice.

Workshop content cultivated from the 2nd edition of Emotionally Intelligent Leadership: A Guide for Students.

Earn Your Certificate
 Participants completing this series are eligible for a certificate of completion. Continued participation and reflection earns higher levels of recognition.

Platinum Level (20 workshops)
Gold Level (15 workshops)
Silver Level (10 workshops)
Bronze Level (5 workshops)
Workshop Dates

January 22nd: Introduction to Emotional Intelligence

Masonboro Island Room, FSC 2011


This session is the essential introductory session to the topic of Emotional Intelligence. Perfect for new series attendees or returning attendees in need of a refresher.

February 5th: Capitalizing on Difference

Masonboro Island Room, FSC 2011


Central to our leadership is our ability to recognize and appreciation for difference. This session will explore how to expand your leadership skills to incorporate difference, instead of running from it.

February 19th: Building Teams

Masonboro Island Room, FSC 2011


Teams are made of people and people are made of emotions. Let's explore how to build effective teams with Emotional Intelligence at the heart of the process.

February 26th: Empathy in Conflict Management

Masonboro Island Room, FSC 2011


This feels like a cliche, but knowing and practicing empathy in conflict are very different. Join us to grow your skills in practicing empathy for successful conflict management.

March 26th: Practicing Achievement: Promoting Experience in Interviews

Masonboro Island Room, FSC 2011


How do you sell your experiences in interviews without sounding conceited? This session will explore exactly that practice, while exploring what it means to work intentionally towards achievement.

April 9th: Facilitating Change

Masonboro Island Room, FSC 2011


One of the hardest things to do in leadership is inspire and support others through change. Our world is dominated by change! Let's explore how to embrace it, and encouraged others along the process towards effective change.

Other Workshops

The Office of Student Leadership and Engagement also offers a few leadership workshops by request. These workshops are ideal for academic classes, faculty and staff teams, and student organizations. We can also customize an experience based on the request. Many of these facilitations are offered by the Seahawk Leadership Advisory Council. Email Erin Williamson at to submit your request (with the exception of StrengthsFinder requests). Please submit your request at least two weeks before desired presentation date. 

Defining Leadership

This workshop dives into the definition and different approaches to leadership. Participants will explore personal definitions, the historical development of the practice of leadership, and contemporary views on leadership development. This workshop is perfect for introductory conversations about leadership.

Civically Engaged Leadership

What role does service play in leadership? This workshop explores the role of community and citizenship within the context of leadership and the greater good. This workshop can also include an overview of the services provided by the Office of Student Leadership and Engagement, if desired.

Moving From Me to We

Leadership cannot occur in a vacuum. Partnerships, allies, and communities are necessary groups to facilitate positive change. This workshop uses a popular and easy to understand leadership assessment to bridge the individual and group. Perfect for student organizations and faculty and/or staff teams!


The Clifton StrengthsFinder is the culmination of more than 50 years of Dr. Donald O. Clifton's lifelong work: leading millions of people around the world to discover their strengths. We offer a facilitated experience for beginners and advanced users of StrengthsFinder. In addition to requests for facilitation of StrengthsFinder, we offer two open sessions per semester open to any students, staff, or faculty member. Read more about those sessions and how to request a StrengthsFinder workshop here.