Office of Student Leadership and Engagement

Leadership Development Program: Navigate Your Journey

 What is the Leadership Development Program?The Seven Seas Program is a cohort based extended learning experience lasting three semesters and designed for students to learn about leadership across three areas: Self, Others, and Community. By combining new experiences and reflection, participants will:

  • Expand their perspective on their most authentic selves 
  • Gain knowledge and experiences collaborating with others
  • Develop a deeper understanding of their communities  
  • Complete a group service project focused on positive social change 

You are the compass to your own success. In this program, you design and reflect on your journey of leadership by choosing experiences that allow you to grow while satisfying your own interests, strengths, and career ambitions. Students participate in monthly learning sessions, cohort socials, and reflective one on one discussions. OSLE provides leadership coaching along the way for each participant. Interested in learning more? Join us at one of our Information Sessions: 

LDP Info Sessions

Leaders don't force people to follow; they invite them on a journey.             -Charles S. Lauer