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Faculty and Staff: Frequently Asked Questions

Can I utilize the program's curriculum in my coursework?Absolutely! This program is highly adaptable and can be customized for any classroom experience. It is likely your course experiences could be applied to this program, and our program components could be applied to your classroom. Currently academic partnerships exist between the University Seminar class within the Leadership Learning Community and the Public Health program. Contact Erin Williamson, Assistant Director for Leadership Development for ideas or suggestions. We love to partner with campus to enhance the visibility of this program.

How can I incorporate this program into my UNI Classes?Many UNI curriculum plans currently require assignments that meet the experience requirements for this program. Your students could walk away from your class with a kick start to this program! Consider introducing the program at the beginning of your semester, so that students can track from the beginning. Additionally, you could utilize the participant booklet as a part of your curriculum, encouraging UNI students to reflect about their first semester. We can even visit your class to introduce the program for you. Just give us a shout!

How can I incorporate this program into my advising or mentoring sessions?In your sessions, consider referring students to this website or our office to start their participation in the program. You can incorporate this program as part of an intervention plan or an action step for students as they move on to another advisor. You can also aid students by helping to identify how their experiences they are currently having already fit into this curriculum. We can help facilitate this integration with an entire department of advisors if desired, just contact Erin Williamson, Assistant Director for Leadership Development.

Can I incorporate this program into scholarship requirements?Absolutely! We already have some scholarship programs on campus requiring participation in our leadership workshops as a part of the students' requirements. Maximize what the students are already doing and have them start tracking their participation. All they need to do is let us know they want to participate. We can also present on the program to your scholarship recipients, contact Erin Williamson, Assistant Director for Leadership Development.

I advise a student organization. Could this apply to them?Certainly. Participation in a student organization is one of the main applied experiences for students in this program. Helping your organization to see how their efforts are already meeting this program's requirements will encourage them to participate. It's likely many of their activities as an organization meets experiences for this program. Want to kick start their participation? Have them contact us for a workshop!

My department sponsors development opportunities for students. Can I list my programs as experiences for this program?Yes! We are working to build a comprehensive list of campus opportunities to help students brainstorm their course in this program. We want to highlight your program or opportunity in our promotional materials, newsletters to participants, and presentations. Send us information at

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