Office of Student Leadership and Engagement

Find an ExperienceParticipants of the Leadership Development Program need a total of 22 experiences on or off campus. While we don't require specific programs or experiences to complete the program, we can suggest some experiences to inspire growth and development. Check out the programs below to get you started. 

Experiences for Awareness of SelfSuccess in leadership starts with a fundamental understanding of yourself and what you bring to the world. Experiences in this phase should lead to personal discoveries about your values, beliefs, emotions, identity, career ambitions, and more. Consider these two programs to kick start your Awareness of Self experiences:


StrengthsFinder is a leadership tool that provides insight into the best gifts you bring to the world. Through the online assessment and accompanying workshop, you become familiar with your top five strengths. You can request this workshop for your organization, or attend one of the our free open StrengthsFinder sessions. Find out more about those opportunities here.

Certified Internship Program (CIP)

A great way to put your values and skills to the test is through an internship in your chosen major or career field. The Career Center can help you land an internship and enhance learning in that experience with the Certified Internship Program (CIP). This program is especially great for students who want internship experience but don't have a required internship for their major. The program also fulfils your "Explorations Beyond the Classroom" graduation requirement.

Experiences for Awareness of OthersLeadership is a process that always involves others in work towards positive change. Experiences within this phase should explore collaboration with others, the complexities of working with others, and the value diversity adds to group effectiveness. Consider the following programs to kickstart this phase.

Emotionally Intelligent Leadership Series

Part of Emotional Intelligence is recognizing and managing emotions in others in a positive way. This leadership workshop series will cover many soft skills in working others. Additionally, if you complete 5 of the 9 workshops offered, you receive a certificate of completion. Click here for workshop dates.

Join a student organization

Put your collaboration skills to the test by joining one of the more than 300 student organizations on campus. Through membership and holding leadership positions in an organization, you can work with others to achieve a common goal. Check out the Directory of Registered Student Organizations or our Fraternities and Sororities to search for your next involvement activity.

Experiences for Awareness of CommunityThe process of leadership doesn't happen in a vacuum. Every effort for positive change exists within a larger context. This phase should include experiences that explore the meaning of community, the interdependence of members of a community, and the responsibility of community members to participate in social change. The following experiences will get you started.

My Stand Mentor Training

The My Stand Mentor program consists of two 90-minutes training sessions. This program will empower you to handle crises and intervene in potentially difficult situations. Becoming a My Stand Mentor will build healthy relationship and interpersonal violence prevention skills. You will deepen your ability to be a more active and engaged resource for your friends and community. This program is offered by the CARE office, click here for more information.

Service Trip

Consider our service trip over Spring Break. We partner with Restoration ATL, part of City of Refuge, the largest homeless shelter in Georgia. Restoration ATL operates under the philosophy that "being with is more transformational than doing for." While on our trip, we live and learn with Atlanta's homeless to learn more about the challenges facing this community. Check out our Service Trips page to learn more about participating.

Looking for more?

Need more experiences? Didn't find what you were looking for? Download our List of Experiences for inspiration.