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About the Leadership Development ProgramThe Leadership Development Program (LDP) was developed from contemporary leadership theory with the specific intent of providing students with autonomy in navigating their leadership development to meet their personal interests and career ambitions. LDP is based on concepts from the Social Change Model of Leadership Development, Emotionally Intelligent Leadership, and the Relational Leadership Model. By guiding their own path of engagement in their communities, and reflecting as it unfolds, students gain a greater awareness of themselves, others, and their communities in which they are a part.

Program RequirementsParticipants of the program complete the following:

  • Eleven (11) experiences organized into three (3) phases over three semesters
  • One (1) reflection project called a Reflective Artifact
  • Participate in three (3) monthly LDP Meetings per semester

Phases of AwarenessThe program is organized in three phases: Awareness of Self, Awareness of Others, and Awareness of Community. While the phases do not have to be completed in order, they are designed to be completed in order. Each phase should completed over the course of one semester. In these phases, students focus on experiences that enhance their awareness and practice of:




Personal foundation of ethics, values, and individual purpose Reciprocal relationships in leadership Leadership as it ties to social responsibility
Emotions and self-esteem Working in teams, collaboration Citizenship and contribution to common good
Congruency in personal values, actions, and life goals Difference, inclusivity, and the value of both

Exploration of personal membership of various communities

Passionate drive towards goals Conflict resolution and empathy External forces and trends in the context of community

Reflective ArtifactsThe final piece of the Leadership Development Program is the reflective artifact at the end of the program. This is a heightened reflection where students summarize what they have learned during the activities of of the program. Students are encouraged to practice creativity when developing this artifact, as they can choose between the following formats for the artifact:

  • Reflective Essay
  • e-Portfolio
  • Creative Project (blog, photographic exhibit, presentation, etc.)

Celebrate!Each semester, participants are invited to a reception hosted by the Office of Student Leadership and Engagement recognizing students engaging with the office. At this reception, participants are recognized as completing each phase, and they earn exclusive swag and apparel for OSLE student leaders. After participants complete all aspects of the program, they earn special recognition at this event and are presented with a graduating gift commemorating their achievement.

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