Online Education

Recommended Computer Requirements & Skills

Computer Requirements

Software Requirements

It is recommended that you have Microsoft Office when taking any online course. Depending on your course, you may be able to use other word processing, spreadsheet, or presentation software. If you are unsure what is acceptable, contact your instructor before your class begins.

Browser Requirements

UNCW currently uses Instructure Canvas as the learning management system to deliver courses online.

Hardware Requirements

It is recommended that your computer/laptop be no more than 3 years old, and you have access to a high-speed internet connection. Each computer operating system and internet browser will vary so it is important to check for compatibility before beginning a course using Canvas.

Computer Skills

Proficient with an Internet browser and search engines

Some courses will require more extensive web searching than others. All courses will require continued use of an Internet Browser. Many courses will require proficiency at conducting on-line searches using search engines and directories. This is a minimal skill for participating in an Internet course.

Able to install software

Many courses will involve downloading software and/or installing course-specific software.

Able to send and receive e-mail

In addition to being able to send and receive e-mail messages, skill in attaching files and objects (pictures and graphics) is essential to success in an Internet course.

Able to create, save, and manage files

These are basic computer skills that will be useful in nearly every Internet course.

Proficient in Word Processing

Basic proficiency in word processing is fundamental to success in an Internet course. Students must be able to create, edit, save, and retrieve documents; plus cutting and pasting to and from e-mail.

If you do not possess the skills mentioned above, you will have some technology to learn in addition to the curriculum of the courses you take and should make extra time in your schedule accordingly.