Get Onboard!

Day One


Today is all about getting oriented to your new role at UNCW. Now that you've completed your Onboarding appointment, follow the action items below to learn more about your department and how you fit into it. 

Complete New Employee Questionnaire

Work with your supervisor to complete your new employee questionnaire. Developing and maintaining an open line of communication between you and your supervisor is essential to create and sustain a successful working relationship. Use the copy in your Onboarding folder or click the button below to download a digital copy. 

Download the Questionnaire

Drop off your Direct Deposit Form

You filled out your Direct Deposit form during your Onboarding appointment. Follow the instructions in your onboarding folder (also found through the link below) to drop off your Direct Deposit form at the Payroll office.

Direct Deposit Instructions

Create Email Signature (optional)

Set up your Outlook Email Signature. Be sure to follow your department's guidelines for email signatures. Click below for instructions on creating and using a signature in Outlook.

How to Create an Outlook Signature

Use the UNCW Online Directory

Calling Someone On Campus

  • Use the UNCW Online Directory to look up campus phone numbers
  • Dial the 5-digit extension from your office phone to complete the call
  • All UNCW phone numbers start with '962' and use the area code '910'

Calling Someone Off Campus

  • Dial 9, then dial the area code and phone number

UNCW Online Directory

Policy of the Day: Public Records Policy

UNCW's Public Records Policy states that all records created or received in the course of university business, in whatever format including paper, photographs, recordings, or emails, constitute public records unless an exception applies. Keep this in mind when sending emails from your UNCW account. Click the link below to read the entire policy (2 pages). 

UNCW Public Records Policy