Get Onboard!

Day Four


Today, you'll learn more about UNCW - from our Mission and Vision to our Strategic Priorities. Complete the action items below to learn about how YOU fit into this great university. 

1. Discover UNCW

Get your UNCW journey started by learning more about this school. Click through the links below to explore and discover what makes this UNCW soar

2. Find your Staff Senator

UNCW's Staff Senate is your on-campus advocate to local and state leadership. Click the button below and click "Staff Senators" to find your department or division's Staff Senator. 

Staff Senate

3. Review the Glossary of Helpful Terms

This glossary of terms was designed for new employees to help them become more familiar with important components of campus and its administration – including the UNC System, Board of Governors, Chancellor and more! Click the button below to review the glossary of helpful terms. 

Glossary of Helpful Terms

4. Read the Seahawk Respect Compact

In the pursuit of excellence, UNC Wilmington actively fosters, encourages, and promotes inclusiveness, mutual respect, acceptance, and open-mindedness among students, faculty, staff and the broader community. Click below to view the Seahawk Respect Compact - we encourage you to print a copy to keep near your desk as a reminder of the culture we strive to foster at UNCW.

Seahawk Respect Compact

5. Review Key Employment Policies

A part of working at UNCW is understanding key components of your role on campus. Click the appropriate document below (SHRA or EHRA) for an overview of some key employment policies that apply specifically to you! Links to the full policies are included if you want to dive deeper.

SHRA Policy Overview EHRA Policy Overview

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