Get Onboard!

Day Five


Today, learn where you can find important employment information, including tax, leave (including vacation and sick leave), and pay information. Complete the action items below to learn more. 

1. Log in to SeaNet

SeaNet is your portal for important employee information. Resources on SeaNet include pay information, tax forms, leave balances, and more. This is also where you will submit your leave report. Follow the instructions below to login:

  1. From the UNCW home page , click " Faculty & Staff"
  2. Click " SeaNet" on the left-hand menu
  3. Click " Secure Login for Faculty, Staff and Students"
  4. Enter your login information
    • Your User ID is your UNCW ID#, it begins with 850
    • Your PIN is initially set as your birthday: MMDDYYYY
    • Login information not working? Click here to retrieve your PIN. 

You are now logged into SeaNet! You'll complete the next five action items from your SeaNet portal.

2. Register for UNCW Emergency Alerts

Register for the UNCW Emergency Alert System to ensure that you receive emails, text messages and/or phone calls if the university is experiencing an emergency situation. Click the link below for instructions on registering for UNCW Emergency Alerts.

How to Register for UNCW Emergency Alerts

3. Check out SeaNet's "Employee" Tab

In SeaNet, click the "Employee" tab to access important employee information and records. From this tab, complete the following four action items:

1. Complete your NC-4 & W-4 tax forms

  1. Click " Tax Forms"
  2. Click " NC-4 Tax Exemptions/Allowances"
  3. Click " Update" (bottom center of the screen)
  4. Read the instructions carefully and review your current deduction status, filing status, # of allowances and additional withholding amount
  5. Make desired changes
  6. Click " Certify/Submit Changes"
  7. Click " W-4 Tax Exemptions/Allowances"
  8. Repeat steps 3-6
  9. Enter your SeaNet PIN to authorize the change

Detailed NC-4 & W-4 Instructions

2. Consent to receive your W-2 online

  1. Click " Tax Forms" (if you're not there already)
  2. Click " W-2 Electronic Consent"
  3. Check the box under " My Choice" to consent to receive your W-2 online
  4. Click " Submit"

Detailed W-2 Online Consent Instructions

3. View your time off current balances & history

  1. Click " Time Off Current Balances and History"
  2. View your current leave balances
    • Note: Leave balances are updated once a month, so they may not include your most up-to-date leave balance

4. Access your Leave Report

  1. Click "Leave Reporting"
  2. Select your current role under the "My Choice" column
  3. Select the current " Leave Report Period and Status"
  4. Click " Leave Report"
  5. This is where you will report your leave. Click the link below for detailed instructions on reporting your leave.
    • Note: Contact your department's Leave Keeper with any questions about leave reporting

Detailed Leave Reporting Instructions Video: How to Open your Leave Report

4. Find the Holiday Schedule

Make sure you know UNCW's holiday schedule. Follow the instructions below to access the current holiday schedule.

  1. From the UNCW home page , click " Faculty & Staff"
  2. Under Helpful Links (right-hand side), click " Holiday Schedule"
  3. Make note of when campus is closed throughout the year

UNCW Holiday Schedule

5. Read the Community Service Leave Policy

In recognition of the state's diverse needs for volunteers to support schools, communities, citizens, and non-profit organizations the UNCW Community Service Leave is designed to recognize the commitment of state employees to engage in volunteer service, paid time up to 24 hours per year may be granted for:

  • Involvement in a child's school
  • Tutoring and mentoring in schools (36 hours per year)
  • Volunteer activity in the schools or a community service organization
  • Volunteering in a state public university, community college system or state agency provided that it is outside of the employee's normal duties

Click the link below to read the entire policy (4 pages).

Community Service Leave Policy

6. Complete the Policy Challenge Activity

As a part of your First Five Days New Employee Checklist, you were asked to review the four policies and the Seahawk Respect Compact. 

Click the link below to complete the Policy Challenge activity!

Policy Challenge Activity

7. Share your success!

Once you have completed all the tasks on your First Five Days checklist, post on the New Employee Teams site that you have finished! You're also encouraged to use the New Employee Teams site to ask additional questions, connect with fellow new employees, and explore more resources. 

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