Get Onboard!

Your First Day

Preparing for Your First Day

Once you've accepted an employment offer from UNCW, start getting ready for your first day at the university by taking care of some important business on your first few days:

1. Review the New Employee Checklist

This checklist will help you make sure that you bring all the necessary documents to your first day at UNCW. It also provides an overview about what to expect in your day-one appointment at the Onboarding Center.

New Employee Checklist

2. Prepare Documents for your I-9 Form

Part of your day-one appointment includes completing the federally required I-9 form. This form is easy to complete, but it requires evidence of your identity and work authorization. Click below for a list of acceptable documents you can bring as evidence of your identity. CLICK HERE for additional I-9 FAQs.

I-9 Acceptable Documents

3. Prepare Documents & Information for Payroll

During your day-one appointment, you will fill our your Direct Deposit form. To set up your direct deposit, you'll also need to bring a voided check or an account verification form from your bank. You'll also  complete W-4 and NC-4 tax withholding information. To do so, you must know the number of exemptions to list on your tax forms. If you aren't sure how many exemptions to take, consult an accountant or other trusted advisor.

Direct Deposit Form