Get Onboard!

Welcome to UNCW!

If you’re on this page, it means you’re about to join the Seahawk family as our newest employee. Congratulations!

As a new employee, you will work your way through UNCW’s onboarding process online. This process begins before your first day and continues through your first few weeks on campus. Below, we’ve outlined the onboarding process so that you know what to expect. You can also see it in calendar form using the 30-day Onboarding Online Calendar .

Click through the tabs below to learn more about each phase of onboarding.

Before Your First Day

Your onboarding journey begins before your first official day as a UNCW employee. Between the time you sign your offer letter up until your official start date, you will:

  • Complete the federal I-9 process
  • Be assigned an employee ID number and UNCW email address
  • Communicate with your supervisor
  • And more!

If it seems like a lot, don't worry! We're here to walk you through every step of the way. Click the button below to visit the "Before Your First Day" page that will give you more details and resources to help you prepare for day one at UNCW.

Before Your First Day

Your First Five Days 

The First Five Days is an online checklist that includes tasks for you to complete during each of your first five days in your new role. Each daily module was designed to help you navigate essential information and accomplish required tasks in short daily lessons. We recommend setting aside an hour each day of your first week to work on the First Five Days checklist. Note: You may work ahead if you like, but it is not uncommon for it to be a few days before you can complete the tasks on Day 5. If you can’t access SeaNet by the end of your first week, please let us know .

When should you start working on the First Five Days checklist?

You should start on your first official day at UNCW. If you go through your First Five Days checklist before your start date, you won't be able to complete all of the required tasks.

Your First Five Days

Benefits Orientation

Benefits orientation is managed by UNCW's Benefits Team. Within your first 2 weeks, you will receive an email from a Benefits Counselor (either Kelly Kennedy or Diana Waser) with information on your benefits orientation. 

Please direct any questions about benefits enrollment to your benefits counselor.

UNCW Benefits

New Employee Orientation (NEO) Gone Virtual

NEO Gone Virtual is a virtual version of New Employee Orientation that connects you with key information and essential safety and security training. There are four NEO Gone Virtual components:  (1) Online Safety and Security Trainings, (2) New Employee Welcome Seminar, (3) New Employee Passport, and (4) New Employee Teams Community. 

When should you start NEO Gone Virtual?

Start NEO Gone Virtual anytime after you've completed your First Five Days. You may complete the components of NEO Gone Virtual at your own pace. Just be sure to complete it within your first 60 days at UNCW.

NEO Gone Virtual

Who to Call for Support

Looking for additional onboarding support? Here's who you should call.

Helpful Contacts
For questions about: Contact:
Benefits Diana Waser ( or Kelly Kennedy (
Employee Relations Christine Vion ( or Angel Longino (
Full Cycle Performance Michel Lonnecker (
One Card 
Building Access 
Change of Address 
Updating Online Directory 
Leavekeeping Your departmental leavekeeper
Email or online account issues TAC ( or visit
First Five Days or NEO Gone Virtual