Get Onboard!

Onboarding FAQ's

When do new employees need to meet with the Onboarding Center?

New employees should meet with an Onboarding Specialist on their first day of work. Onboarding Specialists coordinate the meetings with new employees and their supervisors in advance.

How long do the appointments last?

On average, Onboarding appointments last about 90 minutes.

Does Onboarding eliminate the need for New Employee Orientation?

No. New Employee Orientation is an integral part of the onboarding process.

Is Onboarding just for the new employees?

No. Hiring supervisors, managers, and departmental administrative assistants play a critical role in planning and implementing the onboarding process for new employees. The OBC was created to give them additional ongoing support and resources.

How do I contact the OBC?

HR Main Office-

Friday Annex 141

Melissa Cox, Onboarding Specialist-

Friday Annex 121

Kimberly Holbrook, Onboarding Specialist-

Friday Annex 121

Ph: 910-962-3160

Fax: 910-962-3840



Onboarding Center

Friday Annex 121

What are the roles of OBC? How about departments?

At the Onboarding Center, new employees will:

  • Discuss their New Employee Checklist & Work Plan
  • Complete the I-9 and E-Verify
  • Complete Payroll documents
  • Receive express processing of UNCW OneCard & Parking Permit
  • Confirm New Employee and Benefit Orientation dates & times
  • Sign up for UNCW emergency texts alerts
  • Take a tour of campus
  • Receive answers to their questions and support for their entire first year

Departments will continue to handle:

  • Departmental orientation of processes and policies
  • Issuing keys and building access
  • Issuing name tags, department-specific equipment and resources
  • Contacting TAC/ITS for tech needs
  • Scheduling job-specific training and accesses to UNCW systems
  • Communicating expectations
  • Contributing to a positive new-hire experience for the new employee