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Ignite Program Application (PDF)           

If you have any questions about the application please contact Chris Krumm at

What is the UNCW Ignite Program:   The UNCW Ignite Program is an exciting and innovative program to assist and financially support 2 student entrepreneurial efforts each year.  These efforts can be in the area of social entrepreneurship or for-profit entrepreneurship.   How often do we hear from students, “If I only had some money and an office, then I could make my dream happen” – the UNCW Ignite Program can make this happen.   The program is designed to not only provide financial support to the student enterprise, but also dedicated office space at the CIE, mentoring and other support resources.   The idea of the UNCW Ignite Program is to take a student entrepreneurial idea, and create a situation just like a real business environment within the UNCW CIE Incubator.

Who Can Participate: All UNCW students

Award: Two selected awardees will receive $2000-$3000 to facilitate their entrepreneurial efforts. In addition, awardees will have access to the Center of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE) resources and dedicated office space throughout the duration of the program. The office space has two desks and two phones, one for each of the UNCW Ignite Program recipients to use during the program period.  As a tenant in the CIE incubator, you also have access to the various CIE programs, events and mentoring, and will be provided with an access key to the CIE building.

Submission Due Date: December 15th, 2017

Program Duration: January 2018 (Start of Spring Session) – August 2018 (Start of Fall Session)

Acceptance Criteria:  In conjunction with the requirements below, the award recipients will be those who have potential for a high degree of success and can make a difference to society (for-profit or non-profit).  The awarded money must be used towards the business plan / proposal and in accordance with milestones set with award supervisors (OIC / mentors).

Submission Requirements:

Fill out and submit the application to by 12/15/17

  • Must include proposed budget for the period of the program (Spring through Summer sessions).
  • Must include milestones.  (These are attainable goals and how your success will be measured. Your progress towards milestones will dictate how the award money is dispersed.)
  • Based upon this proposal, we will develop a simple “term sheet” that will summarize the milestones that we have agreed upon and the budget.   This is required prior to the transfer of any funds from the UNCW Student Entrepreneurship Seed Fund.

Program Expectations:

  • Use Lean Entrepreneurship: You are expected to work on your entrepreneurial project using the Lean Entrepreneurship approach.   Part of this requirement is becoming familiar with its concepts through videos and readings.
  • Presentation: Upon the completion of the UNCW Ignite Program, you are required to present the results of your experience, your progress toward implementing your idea, how well you have met your milestones, your budget and expenditures, and what plans are being made for the future. This presentation should be about 10 minutes to a panel such as the CIE Advisory Board.