Office of e-Learning

Charge of the LMS Evaluation Committee

UNC Wilmington is undergoing a review of the current Learning Management System, Blackboard Learn. The university moved to this system in 2010 and we currently host Blackboard Learn on site.

On average Universities evaluate their LMS approximately every 8 years. The Learning Management System plays a significant role in teaching and learning. This review gives UNCW the opportunity to re-assess its learning management needs and evaluate alternatives.

The project objectives are:

  1. Identify UNCW’s current academic community needs for a Learning Management System (LMS)
  1. Evaluate the options available to meet current needs and best position UNCW for the future in a rapidly changing higher education landscape.
  1. Recommend an LMS to pilot at UNCW

UNCW to Conduct Pilot Test of Canvas Learning Management System

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the university evaluating other Learning Management Systems (LMS, e.g. Blackboard, Canvas, etc.)?

After using Blackboard for the past eight years, and with the increased use of the LMS since its implementation, UNCW is evaluating cloud-based systems in order to give us the ability to automatically allocate resources during peak performance times (e.g., beginning of semester, midterms) as well as apply upgrades without downtime.

Why was the decision made to use Canvas for the pilot program?

After exploring several Learning Management Systems through interviews with other schools, data discussions with colleagues, and self-inquiry, the LMS Evaluation Committee determined that Canvas would be the best cloud-based LMS to pilot.

Who was involved in the decision to pilot Canvas?

Faculty and staff from various departments serve on the LMS Evaluation Committee. There are ten faculty members on the committee: two from the Cameron School of Business, three from the College of Arts and Sciences, two from the College of Health and Human Services and two from the Watson College of Education. Additional committee members represent Human Resources, Information Technology Systems, the Office of e-Learning and Randall Library. For a copy of the Executive Summary explaining the process and decision, please contact Sheri Conklin conklins@uncw.eduor Tom Dorgan

Is the university moving to Canvas?

At this point, UNCW is conducting a pilot program with Canvas during the spring 2018 semester. There are 14 faculty members delivering classes (to approximately 400 students) from multiple colleges: one from the library, four from CHHS, three from CAS, three from WCE, and three from CSB. A survey will be sent to faculty and students involved in the pilot program in March. The LMS Evaluation Committee will make a decision in April regarding whether to move forward with a Canvas rollout during the 2018-2019 academic year.

Can I have a Canvas Shell?

Absolutely! All spring courses have been created within Canvas and instructors have enrolled their respective courses. Login to Canvas with the following link using your UNCW user account and password:

Only those students who are participating in the pilot have access to Canvas. Faculty have access to their 2018 courses in Canvas. Staff and faculty who are not teaching may request a development shell.

Will there be support for Canvas?

We will have many open sessions where faculty and staff can receive help and support. Canvas also has a Live Chat where faculty, staff and students can receive assistance within two minutes. To access the support request form that will be used throughout the pilot, faculty and staff can login to TeamDynamix with the following link using their UNCW user account and password: will send the request to the Office of e-Learning and the Learning Management Team, who will respond to the inquiries in the order in which they’re received.

Canvas Open Sessions

Please feel free to drop in to any of the following sessions. Staff will be available for questions, assistance and Canvas tours. The staff can also assist with importing content from Blackboard. All sessions will be held in a computer lab, but faculty and staff should feel free to bring their laptops.

February 9, 11:00 am - 1:00 pm
TL 1007
February 23, 11:00 am - 1:00 pm
Leutze 248 (Mac Lab)
March 16, 11:00 am - 1:00 pm
McNeill 2061
April 9, 9:00 am - Noon
Bear 161
April 13, Noon - 3:00 pm
Cameron 135
April 20, 9:00 am - Noon
Dobo 230
April 26, 9:00 - 3:00 pm
Osprey 2004