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Online Course Planning 

QM Higher Education Course Worksheet

This worksheet contains questions that you will answer initially, in the internal course review process, and then later in the external review.  For this reason, we recommend that you answer the questions directly in this document, save it and keep it handy so that you can copy and paste your answers into the online form in both instances. 



ADA Compliant Online Syllabus Template

Download the syllabus linked above. Add instructor information, a course description, prerequisites, assignment information, late policy, and any other pertinent information. Use the header 'Normal' for body text. The bottom of this syllabus template inlcudes a list of frequently-used onlline technologies and the ADA compliance and privacy statements published by those third-party technology providers. Delete any technologies you are not using in your course.

This syllabus is ADA accessible due to the use of headers. If you add additional sections, please use section  headers for your titles (Header 2 or 3). For questions or assistance please contact

Handouts to Give to Students

  • Student Discussion Checklist Word Doc
  • Student Test Taking: Best Practices Word Doc
  • Netiquette Guidelines PDF

Getting Started with the Respondus Test Bank Network

  1. Visit to watch an introductory video.
  2. Search for your test bank at
  3. Submit the online request form to receive the access code from the publisher within 5 business days.
  4. Register the test bank directly within your Respondus application.

Video Recording Services

UNCW's Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship offers a Media Room for faculty who need media assistance producing ADA compliant videos for their courses. Film Studies interns are available to assist with your project needs. To get started on your project, please complete the CIE Media Request form.

Video Captioning Services

To have one or more videos from a course captioned in order to make them ADA compliant, complete the Captioning Services Request form.