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Quality Matters

About Quality Matters

Quality Matters is a faculty-centered, peer review process that is designed to certify the quality of online and blended courses. QM is a leader in quality assurance for online education and has received national recognition for its peer-based approach and continuous improvement in online education and student learning. There are many factors that affect course quality. QM reviews course design only—not delivery or faculty performance.

Create an account or login to My QM to access QM materials and rubric.

To request an informal review:

  1. Log into the Quality Matters portal (if you are new, you will need to create an account)
  2. Click on CRMS (top) under the Higher Education tab
  3. Click Start a Review Application
  4. Find University of North Carolina Wilmington
  5. Select your QM Coordinator (Ginu Easow)
  6. Click Next Find Course Representative
  7. Find your name and click Next to enter your review information
  8. Click Internal Review
  9. Scroll down and enter your course number, name, description, course management system and subject.
  10. Click the check boxes
  11. Click Submit Application
To access the Course Reviewer Worksheet or the Quality Matters Rubric, visit our QM Documentation folder in OneDrive. You must use your UNCW credentials to login to OneDrive.

Accessing the QM 6th Edition Rubric

For more detailed information about the rubric please contact   elearning@uncw.edu. 

QM-Recognized Courses

ACT-490: Approaches to Critical Thinking

Portrait of Colleen Reilly.

Colleen Reilly
Department of English
Certification date: July 30, 2016


QM Training and Support

Applying the QM Rubric

  • Course length: 2 weeks online asynchronous
  • Time needed: Approximately 8–12 hours
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Dates offered:
  • Cost: $200 if taken through QM; free if taken through UNCW facilitated training

QM's flagship workshop on the QM Rubric and its use in reviewing the design of online and blended courses is intended for a broad audience, including but not limited to faculty, instructional designers, administrators, and adjunct instructors. It is particularly helpful to those new to QM or those considering the adoption of a quality assurance process for online and blended learning.

In addition to learning about the QM Rubric and the course review process, participants will learn to apply the concept of alignment and draft helpful recommendations for course improvement.

Improving Your Online Course

  • Course length: 2 weeks online asynchronous
  • Time needed: 8–10 hours
  • Prerequisites: none
  • Dates offered:
  • Cost: $200 if taken through QM; free if taken through UNCW facilitated training

The “Improving Your Online Course” workshop explores the QM Rubric and provides a framework to improve the quality of online courses. Participants use the QM Rubric to review their own online courses and develop a course improvement plan.

The content is based on the 21 essential Specific Review Standards of the Quality Matters Rubric. Participants come away with a plan for course improvement so enrolling in the workshop with a pre-developed online course is required.

Peer Reviewer

  • Course length: 3 weeks online asynchronous
  • Time needed: 10–14 hours
  • Prerequisites: APPQMR
  • Dates offered: See MyQM for dates - only offered through Quality Matters
  • Cost: $200 if taken through QM

The Peer Reviewer Course is designed to prepare experienced online faculty to become Quality Matters Certified Peer Reviewers. The Peer Reviewer Course includes a review of Quality Matters, practice in critiquing and writing helpful recommendations, and a Practice Review in which the participants are asked to review Specific Standards in an online course using the QM Course Review Management System (CRMS).

Upon successful completion of this course, eligible participants must complete and submit a Role Application as well as a Memo of Understanding in order to become a QM Certified Peer Reviewer. QM Certified Peer Reviewers are eligible to serve on both QM-Managed and Subscriber-Managed course reviews. QM Certified Peer Reviewers must have taught a fully online course within the last 18 months.