Student Conduct

In student conduct cases, students may request an appeal within two business days after notification of the original decision.  Notification is defined as the date the decision of hearing form is given to the respondent in person, or the date stamp of the e-mail sent to the respondent.  Such petition shall be submitted to the Office of the Dean of Students and explain in detail the reason(s) for the student's appeal.  Original sanctions (with the exception of summary suspension) are normally put into effect only after the appellate decision has been made or the timeline for the appeal has expired.

Students may request an appeal by using one of the two ways listed below.  Students will need to include their Case Number, which will be located at the top of their Decision of Hearing Form.

1.  Submit the request electronically through the Consideration for Appellate Review Form

2.  Submit the request in writing by completing the Request for Appellate Consideration form (pdf) and then return the completed form to the Office of the Dean of Students, which is located in Depaolo Hall Suite 1092.