Office of the Dean of Students

Academic Integrity - Honor the Code

Student Academic Honor Board

The Student Academic Honor Board (SAHB) at UNCW was created in 2009 as part of the revised Student Academic Honor Code. The Campus Conduct Board (CCB) and SAHB is a group of students and faculty trained by the Office of the Dean of Students. This unique group hears cases of alleged violations of the UNCW Code of Student Life. Any student who has been accused of violating the Code of Student Life has the option to select to have their case heard by the board.

Membership on the board is a great privilege. The students and faculty who serve are offered many positive and challenging experiences. Members of the board gain transferable knowledge to many different majors and future goals.

2021-2022 Student Academic Honor Board Members:
26 undergraduate students comprise the Student Academic Honor Board.
2021-2022 Faculty Academic Honor Board Members:
Dr. Andrew Ryder
Educational Leadership

Dr. Tom Downen

Meghan Smith
Randall Library

Dr. Sharon Santana
Sociology & Criminology

Lawone Lane

Regina Felix
World Languages & Cultures