Student Academic Honor Code

About the Student Academic Honor Code

Recently, an Honor Code Task Force comprised of students, faculty, and administrators was charged to evaluate and revise the Student Academic Honor Code (last updated in 1986). At UNCW academic integrity is a core value. When students join our community, they pledge to uphold and be subject to the Honor Code. It is designed to help every member of the UNCW community appreciate the high value placed on academic integrity and the means that will be employed to ensure its preservation.

The Honor Code Task Force conducted research and assessment before seeking consensus from numerous campus constituents, including Student Government Association and the Graduate Student Association, in support of the revised Student Academic Honor Code. In May 2009, Faculty Senate reviewed the final draft and fully endorsed the revised version.

The UNCW Student Academic Honor Code

Student Academic Honor System Flowchart (pdf)

The UNCW Honor Pledge

"As a student at The University of North Carolina Wilmington, I am committed to honesty and truthfulness in academic inquiry and in the pursuit of knowledge. I pledge to uphold and promote the UNCW Student Academic Honor Code."