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Jeremy Hilburn Participates in GTE Fellows Program

Tuesday, December 06, 2022

Jeremy Hilburn was named a 2021-22 Global Teachers Education Fellow. The program, offered by the Longview Foundation, provides support for select U.S. teacher educators to design Global Learning Classrooms for their teacher candidates and to contribute to a broader network of teacher educators interested in global learning.

Dr Hilburn is an Associate Professor and coordinator of WCE’s Middle Grades MAT program. He teaches a range of courses in the middle grades program, and his research is broadly related to immigration, social studies education and the spatial dimension of citizenship education; specifically, the ways teachers conceptualize and teach civic action at the local, national, and global levels.

As a GTE Fellow, Hilburn redesigned EDN 335, a social studies methods course, to orient it around a local-national-global framework, with corresponding assignments and activities.

Hilburn cited an assignment using the Inquiry Design Model as an example of recent course enhancements. In the past students could select any topic aligned to the standards, but now, students must focus on a global issue for their compelling (overarching) question, with at least one supporting question related to the local community.

The program was piloted in Fall 2021. For this assignment, one student chose the compelling question, “What responsibilities do communities have to help others from other countries?’ with the supporting local question, ‘What qualities make Wilmington a safe haven for refugees (via the Interfaith Refugee Ministry)?’” Another student focused on the global issue of pollution asking a broad question, ‘What’s the relationship between water quality regulations, pollution, and drinking water quality?’ and locally, ‘How does GenX affect drinking water in Wilmington?’”

“Students appreciated the local-national-global framework, especially because the sixth and seventh grade social studies curriculum is world studies, and some of our interns have struggled to make world studies lesson plans relevant,” Hilburn said. “Teaching them how to identify global to local connections helped our interns drive up relevance and engagement for their students.”

Dr. Brad Maguth, professor of social studies education at The University of Akron served as Hilburn’s GTE mentor.

“Dr. Maguth is an internationally recognized scholar with a focus on global education and social studies, and a former GTE participant,” Hilburn said. “He was a great help with course revisions. He also helped me identify students with a high level of interest in global education, and with them, Dr. Maguth and I wrote an article, which is currently under review.“

WCE Associate Professor Elizabeth Crawford, a former GTE fellow, recommended the GTE Fellowship program to Hilburn, who says he would also highly recommend it to other faculty members with an interest in global education.

“GTE was a great experience that directly benefitted my teaching (through the course revision), research (through the article I wrote with my mentor and two students), and service (as I will have the opportunity to serve as a GTE mentor in the future),” he said. “GTE also provided a great opportunity to network with other scholars in my field.”

For more information, visit the Longview Foundation website.

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