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UNCW Hosts Screening of “Captain Scott B and the Great Adventure”

Wednesday, May 04, 2022

On April 27, the Watson College was pleased to sponsor a screening of Captain Scott B and the Great Adventure. The feature-length documentary was written and co-produced by Betsy Bertram, a student in WCE’s Elementary Education extension program.

The film follows Betsy's journey to turn grief into art after losing her father in 2017. Combining elements of narrative, documentary and visual poetry, Betsy and filmmaker Matthew Chenet explore questions of how to fully live, how to cultivate a deep connection with the natural world, and above all, how to enjoy the brief and wondrous time we spend on this planet

Bertram attended the event, held on campus in UNCW’s Lumina Theater. During a Q&A following the screening, she addressed a wide range of issues including grief and loss, her experiences making the film, and how these experiences helped her to heal and influenced her decision to become a teacher.

“Grief is a universal part of the human experience but we don’t talk much about it,” Bertram said. “The film is a vehicle for opening up and having conversations that give us the space to live into our losses. I found solace in creating the film, which helped alchemize my grief and remember that every day is a new adventure. Ultimately, I hope that this film collectively cracks us open to both our grief and our capacity to heal together through deepening our connection with the natural world.”

Attendees described the film as powerful and deeply moving.

“Betsy's story portrays her love of her father and is warm and real,” said Mary Dowcett, grief counselor for Lower Cape Fear Life Care. “The filmmaker lovingly portrays the anguish of Betsy and her family after losing her father, and her path through grief as she seeks healing. The film opens up a much-needed discussion around grief.”

Jesse Bradley, director of media production in UNCW’s Office of University Relations, partnered with the Watson College to plan the documentary film screening event.

To view a trailer, learn more about the film and find information about future screenings please visit captainscottb.com.

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