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MarineQuest Introduces Coastal Engineering

Thursday, September 02, 2021

Engineering Expectations is making a move to MarineQuest! With the launch of UNCW’s new Coastal Engineering degree program, preK-12 engineering outreach offered by Youth Programs will now focus on coastal and ocean engineering.

“In 2009 I was asked to develop an engineering outreach program for youth that might serve as a pipeline to the undergraduate program UNCW was hoping to secure,” said Youth Programs Director Sue Kezios. “Early on the thought was we might get a traditional engineering degree program, possibly in mechanical or civil fields, so our youth programming reflected that. Now that the university has launched the first of its kind undergraduate degree in Coastal Engineering, it seems the right time to bring our preK-12 engineering efforts under the MarineQuest umbrella. This will allow us to leverage our team’s expertise in support of our new coastal engineering associate Pat Kistler’s efforts to engage youth with coastal and ocean engineering.”

Pat Kistler joined the MarineQuest team in May after receiving his degree in Ocean Engineering from Florida Institute of Technology. While at FIT he engaged in educational outreach to local schools through the Indian River Lagoon Mobile Research Laboratory, also known as the Science Bus. Combining his knowledge and skills in ocean engineering with his passion for outreach makes “Mr. Pat” a perfect fit for MarineQuest. This year, he will help the MQ team grow their TECHNOcean line of summer and school programs and weekend events that engage learners with engineering and marine technology.

See MarineQuest’s newsletter,  The MarineQuest Explorer: Special Engineering Edition for information on MarineQuest’s fall programs and new engineering programs.

Visit MarineQuest’s new Coastal Engineering website to learn more!