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Nicole Geczi Receives 2018 UNCW Staff Award for Excellence

Thursday, November 08, 2018

Nicole Geczi has been awarded the 2018 UNCW Staff Award for Excellence for her contributions to the campus and the community. Nicole is the executive assistant in WCE’s Office of Teacher Education and Outreach. She was nominated for the award by WCE associate dean Donyell Roseboro for “rising to every challenge, striving for perfection and problem solving like a Jedi.”

A record 28 UNCW staff members were nominated for the award, including WCE staff members Kerri Fowler, Melissa Newcity and Jan Siko. Nominees were recognized at a ceremony at UNCW’s Burney Center on November 15, and the awards were announced in a UNCW homepage story the following day.

Geczi joined UNCW in August 2014 as an administrative assistant in the Watson College Dean’s Office and was promoted to her current position in July 2016. In her nomination letter, Roseboro praised Geczi’s can-do attitude and spirit.

“Although Nicole’s responsibilities have more than doubled in the last year, she has embraced each new challenge with a unique problem-solving perspective. All of our work requires extensive connections to public schools and community agencies,” Roseboro said. “Our partners have to trust us, and that trust is earned with each solution she leads us toward.”

Geczi, who earned her Master of Public Education degree from UNCW in December 2017, was presenting research at a conference of the Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action in Austin, Texas at the time of the awards ceremony. Roseboro accepted the honor on Geczi’s behalf.

Other UNCW Staff Award for Excellence Nominees from the Watson College were:

Kerri Fowler, executive assistant in WCE’s Department of Educational Leadership. WCE department chair Marsha Carr nominated Fowler for “single-handedly enhancing the quality and morale in the department.”

Melissa Newcity, administrative associate in WCE’s Office of Student Advising and Integrated Leadership (SAIL). LeAnne Smith and Allison Rankin, academic advisors in WCE’s SAIL Office, nominated Newcity for continuously connecting with peers and always seeking best practices from across the college and university.

Jan Siko, executive assistant to WCE Dean Van Dempsey. Dean Dempsey nominated Siko for “bringing order to chaos, coherency to craziness, and doing her work in a way that makes us all proud to be her colleague.”