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WCE Introduces Mindfulness Mondays

Friday, January 05, 2018

Each Monday, Watson College faculty, staff and students are invited to gather in the Education Building for a five minute meditation and yoga break. Faculty members Tammy Clark, Denise Ousley, Symphony Oxendine and Kerry Robinson introduced the Mindfulness Mondays initiative on Jan. 8 to help individuals live healthier lives by learning simple and effective ways to lower stress.

“Mindfulness has been incorporated into many settings. This includes schools because children at very young ages are very stressed,” Ousley said. “We wanted to bring an awareness of mindfulness to the Watson College. The idea is that everyone can benefit from taking five minutes to pause, breathe and be in the moment.”

Clark, Ousley, Oxendine and Robinson are all strong advocates for mindfulness. Clark, an instructional designer at WCE has practiced yoga for the past 15 years and meditation for 10 years. Ousley, an associate professor of secondary education, shares mindfulness tips with her students to help them relieve stress and become more effective classroom teachers. Oxendine and Robinson are assistant professors in WCE’s Department of Educational Leadership. Both have research interests related to mindfulness. Oxendine’s research focuses on various institutional, psychosocial and political processes as a means to support development for underrepresented students, and Robinson is currently exploring the topic of stress and health in the superintendency, as well as studying school and district leaders with personal mindfulness practices.

The Mindfulness Mondays leaders have shared ‘Take 5 Resources’ on their new website. They encourage everyone to try to take a few minutes to “pause, breathe, be present, accept and carry it with you,” and to stop by the second floor lounge each Monday at 10:40 a.m. or 2:40 p.m. to participate in this new initiative.