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Ray Pastore’s Research on Time-Compressed Speech Garners National Attention

Monday, January 01, 2018

Ray Pastore is an associate professor and coordinator of WCE’s instructional technology programs. His research focuses on multiple representations (multimedia), gaming, mobile learning and metacognitive strategies that support learning from a multimedia environment.

Pastore has published five studies on time-compressed speech and its effect on learning and comprehension, and his research has recently been cited in publications including Wired, The Ringer, NY Magazine, Arkansas Matters and Wink News.

“When I started my research almost 10 years ago speed listening was an arcane topic, but there’s high interest in it now,” Pastore said. “People don’t have enough time, so they want to speed up listening to audiobooks and podcasts. There are lots of apps available to do that and it can make learning more efficient, but if you set the speed too fast, comprehension drops off significantly.”

Many apps allow users to double the speed, and some offer speeds five or even 10 times the normal rate, but for most users a rate of 10 to 25 percent compression or about 1.25 to 1.5 speed is ideal, Pastore said. At that pace, you can achieve efficiency without sacrificing learning.

For more information visit Pastore’s publications page or visit his blog.

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