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Fall 2017 HMS Foundation Scholarship Awards are Announced

Sunday, September 03, 2017

The Watson College of Education is pleased to announce that two Hattie M. Strong scholarships have been awarded to WCE interns for the fall 2017 semester.

The Watson College joined a select group of 24 institutions as a Hattie M. Strong Foundation partner in 2013. The partnership allowed WCE to offer a $5,000 scholarship each semester for three years to outstanding pre-service teachers in the internship semester. Generous funding has enabled WCE to award two additional scholarships this fall.

Scholarships are awarded to students with strong academic performance, who show promise to be outstanding student interns and classroom teachers, and have financial need. Please join us in extending congratulations to Kerry Galvin and Angel Sanchez, fall 2017 recipients of the Hattie M. Strong Foundation Scholarship at UNCW.

Kerry Galvin

Kerry Galvin is enrolled in the Master of Arts in Teaching Elementary Education program at WCE. She earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from UNCW in 2002 and began her career in sales. Now she lives in Jacksonville with her nine-year-old daughter, Kyler, a Bull Mastiff named Barkley, a black lab mix named Treck, a cat named Bobby-Cat, a hamster named Butterscotch and a bunch of fish.

Work volunteering in her daughter’s elementary school drew Galvin to the teaching profession.

“I started volunteering because Kyler’s school asked for volunteers,” she said. “I kept volunteering because I saw a need in the classrooms that I wanted to fill. I decided to become a teacher because teaching the children filled a need in me that I hadn’t previously known was there.”

“I have always wanted to have a positive impact on the world and teaching will enable me to do that,” Galvin said. “I will have the opportunity to shape and mold young minds into the next generation of problem solvers and globally conscious citizens. Children express themselves differently and every child has different gifts and struggles. I am a strong believer in self-fulfilling prophecy, so I will encourage children by letting them know that I see how smart they are.”

Galvin said she was fortunate to have excellent field placements at Parkwood Elementary and Bitz Intermediate School while enrolled in WCE’s M.A.T. program, and feels blessed to be placed at Blue Creek Elementary School in Jacksonville working with partnership teacher June Watkins this fall.

Professors in Watson’s M.A.T. program have also been wonderful, she said. “They have allowed me to bring Kyler to class with me when I needed to. They have supported me in my field experience placements as well as in my internship semester thus far. UNCW’s Watson College stepped in to be my family when my dad passed away and I will be forever grateful. I love that they have rallied around me. Dr. Barber, Dr. Crawford, Dr. Buchanan, Dr. Zinner and Dr. Schlichting are not only outstanding educators, they are also some of my favorite people.”

Galvin said the Hattie Strong scholarship provides valuable financial assistance at a critical time. “I believe in the value of hard work and I don’t get intimidated by a challenge, but that being said, I can’t work during my internship this semester,” she said. “The financial assistance I will get from the Hattie Strong scholarship during this time will enable me to focus on my education more clearly. The more I can learn during my internship, the better I will be able to teach when I am in my own classroom.”

Angel Sanchez

Angel Sanchez is a senior enrolled in WCE’s Elementary Education program. She graduated from Eugene Ashley High School and attended Cape Fear Community College before transferring to UNCW.

“I wanted to become an elementary school teacher for so many reasons, but the main reason is that I love working with children and hearing what they have to say,” she said. “I feel like a lot of times children are silenced because as adults we forget what it is like in their world. I want my future students to know they do have a voice and their ideas will be acknowledged, utilized and praised in my classroom.”

Sanchez said classes and field placements at Watson helped her prepare for her internship semester. She’s grateful for the many connections she’s made and said support from professors helped boost her confidence and prepare for her future as a teacher. “I would like to thank all of the teachers and classmates I have met along this journey who have been there to support me through the tears and the laughter,” she said. “I feel like I have expanded a newly blessed family at Watson!”

The Hattie Strong scholarship will lighten the financial burden as Sanchez completes her internship semester. “Receiving this scholarship was such an amazing moment,” she said. “It was very scary leaving my job knowing I would not have a steady income for the next five months. The scholarship will allow me to focus more on the internship and give these students my full attention.”

The Hattie M. Strong Foundation

Since 1928, the Hattie M. Strong Foundation has helped aspiring students achieve a college degree in their chosen field of study by providing interest-free loans with flexible repayment terms. In 2009, recognizing the alarming debt loads of recent graduates, the foundation’s board of directors moved to offer scholarships instead. Today, HMSF’s primary activity is the administration of a scholarship program aimed at college students enrolled in teacher training programs at partnering institutions. Partner colleges are selected based on demonstrated leadership in preparing outstanding classroom teachers.

A specific goal of the foundation is to help reduce financial pressure during the student internship semester, when a student’s ability to offset expenses with outside employment is curtailed by the rigor of full-time work in the classroom.