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EYC Students Host Creative Fair for Duplin County Pre-Schoolers

Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Thirty children and six pre-K teachers from Duplin County spent a day on campus on April 7, participating in a Creative Fair. Assistant professor Jale Aldemir and students enrolled in EDN 280, a play and creative activities course in WCE’s Education of Young Children program, planned and facilitated the fair.

On the day of the event, six activity stations featuring paint, tissue paper, crayons and a variety of craft materials were set up in a large classroom. Seven students enrolled in Aldemir’s class and five Watson Student Leaders manned the stations and helped the children complete activities that included making play dough; painting pine cones, rocks and flowers; floating boats made of aluminum foil; and designing objects from pipe cleaners, toilet paper rolls, feathers, pom-poms and paper clips to race down a zipline made of string.

“Young children have natural curiosity and they enjoy exploratory learning,” Aldemir said. “Our students worked hard this semester to design a wide range of activities for the Creative Fair. Their goal was to engage the children in order to help instill a love of learning at a very early age.”

Each year, WCE EYC faculty partner with public pre-K programs to create applied learning opportunities for Watson College students and fun, engaging activities for children and families. Last year, students enrolled in EDN 280 held a Duke Energy Science Night at Mary Washington Howe Pre-K Center. The event featured hands-on STEM-related activities for young children.

Aldemir wanted to build on WCE’s partnership with Duplin County Schools this year, she said. The partnership began with a joint grant writing effort in 2015 and has grown to include ongoing professional development for Duplin’s pre-K teachers, teacher assistants and family advocates.

Joan Williams, pre-K program manager for Duplin County Schools, said the Creative Fair was a wonderful opportunity for students and teachers and a great example of the many ways WCE faculty and students are helping Duplin’s teachers enhance learning opportunities and experiences for young children.

About UNCW’s Education of Young Children Program

The Education of Young Children program at UNCW’s Watson College of Education provides a pathway for undergraduates to earn a bachelor’s degree and North Carolina license to work with children with and without developmental delays from birth through Kindergarten. The program is designed for individuals who will assume leadership roles as teachers, consultants and directors of early childhood education programs in public and private schools.

To learn more about the program, visit www.uncw.edu/ed/learn/eyc.html.