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100 Math Educators Attend Regional Conference at UNCW

Wednesday, June 07, 2017

The Eastern Regional Conference of the North Carolina Council of Teachers of Mathematics was held in UNCW’s Osprey Hall on April 1. More than 100 teachers, district coaches, pre-service teachers and faculty members attended the event.

The conference featured mathematics for all grade levels, with sessions led by faculty members from UNCW, Eastern Carolina University, UNC Greensboro and the University of North Carolina School of the Arts. Additional sessions were led by teachers from Brunswick, Johnston, New Hanover, Onslow, Pender, Pitt County Schools and Whiteville City Schools. The presentations included:

General Sessions

  • “I’m a new teacher… now what?” Ginean Royal
  • “Using NAEP Items in the Classroom,” Shelby Morge, UNCW
  • “Successful Coaching and Teacher Leadership: Learning Together,” Ginger Rhodes, UNCW

Elementary School Sessions

  • “Geometry in the World of Art,” Maggie Guggenheimer, UNCW (K-5)
  • “Unitizing: A Key to Making Sense of Mathematics,” Carol Midgett (K-5)
  • “Math Routines” and “Understanding Word Problems,” Katie Schwartz, ECU (K-5)
  • “Getting the Most Out of Number Talks in the Primary Grades,” Kay Middleton, ECU (K-2)
  • “Using Games to Explore the Mathematical Playground,” Heidi Higgins, UNCW (K-2)
  • “RISE Model Mathematics Problem Solving Model,” Rebecca Bowman, Pender County Schools (3-5)
  • “Metricland,” Michelle Alford, Onslow County Schools (3-5)
  • “Is the butterfly an effective method for comparing fractions in elementary school?” Ashley Seegmiller, Brunswick County Schools with Nona Baker (3-5)
  • “Growth Mindset in Mathematics,” Leanne Daughtry, Johnston County Schools (3-5)
  • “Developing Fraction Sense,” Michael Elder, Onslow County Schools (3-5)
  • “Math is a Foreign Language,” Nancy Ledbetter, New Hanover County Schools (3-5)

Middle School Sessions

  • “How to turn procedural tasks into mathematical problem-solving,” Tony Thompson, ECU (6-8)
  • “Partners in Math Revisited,” Kim McCuiston (6-8)
  • “Increase Low Performing Middle School Students,” Elizabeth Woodside, Onslow County Schools (6-8)
  • “Slow Down” Valuing Depth over Speed in Math,” Julie Bacak, Brunswick County Schools (6-8)
  • “The Productive Struggle: Gamifying Mathematics Curriculum & Instruction,” Connor Gray, Imagine Learning (6-8)
  • “Learning the Language of Mathematics,” Tony Thompson and Ron Preston, ECU (6-8)
  • “Using Desmos to Increase Student Engagement,” Cheryl Williams and Katie Martin, New Hanover County Schools (6-12)
  • “Using Desmos Classroom Activities to Build Connected Understanding,” Daniel Hendrickson, Pender County Schools (6-12)

High School Sessions

  • “Co-Teaching & Co-Planning in High School Mathematics Internships,” Charity Cayton and Maureen Grady, ECU with Renea Baker, Pitt County Schools (9-12)
  • “Parametric Equations,” Leonard Shelton, Brunswick County Schools (9-12)
  • “Celebrate Pi Day, But Don’t Forget the Other Days,” Ron Preston, ECU (9-12)
  • “An Overview of the NC Collaborative for Mathematics Learning, Paul Wonsavage and Emily Bryant, UNCG (9-12)
  • “Smelling Parkinson’s Simulation Based Inference,” Wanda Coyle, UNCSA (9-12)
  • “’Because I Said So’ and Other Answers to ‘Why’ Questions,” Maureen Grady, ECU (9-12)
  • “Dirt Bike Dilemma: A linear programming activity from NCTM Illuminations,” Michelle Powell, Whiteville City Schools (9-12)

Shelby Morge and Ginger Rhodes coordinated the conference. Morge is an associate professor of middle grades mathematics at the Watson College. She served on the NCCTM Board of Directors as the state college vice president from April 2015 through April 2017, and is currently a NCCTM member. Rhodes is an associate professor in UNCW’s Department of Mathematics and Statistics, and NCCTM Eastern Region Board Member.

NCCTM, the UNCW Mathematics and Statistics Department, the Watson College of Education and CESTEM sponsored the conference.

NCCTM is the professional organization for teachers, curriculum and instruction managers and others responsible for teaching mathematics at all levels, from kindergarten through graduate school in North Carolina. The organization’s mission is to promote excellence in mathematics teaching and learning for all.