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WCE Hosts Meet and Greet for Pre-Service Teachers, Retired Teachers

Friday, March 03, 2017

Retired teachers joined more than 40 Watson College students for coffee at WCE’s first Teachers’ Meet and Greet on Feb. 20. EEMLS department chair Kathy Fox coordinated the event as a means of connecting pre-service and experienced teachers.

The success of the Cameron Business School’s Cameron Executive Network inspired Fox, she said. CEN brings experienced executives together with students and alumni for mentoring and career development.

“Our students have mentors in their professors and partnership teachers but these new connections are not attached to grades or assignments. This is a chance to build relationships through a network of professional educators who can critique resumes and cover letters, help students develop strong interviewing and networking skills, and provide practical advice on issues like classroom management,” Fox said.

WCE faculty member Ronnie Weppler and 26 juniors enrolled in her EDN 414 class, Integrating the Arts in the Elementary Curriculum, participated in the event. Weppler said the ‘Meet & Greet’ was a huge success. “There wasn’t one person in the room who wasn’t engaged, and when students are engaged, there’s learning going on,” she said.

As the event drew to a close, Fox asked participants to consider two questions, “What can we learn from each other?” and “How can we stay connected?” Retired faculty and Watson College students enthusiastically shared ideas, and their lists were long.

“I hope this is just the first of many networking opportunities that will help to connect our students with experienced educators,” Fox said.