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Alicia Brophy-Dick Appointed President of North Carolina Council for Exceptional Children

Thursday, March 02, 2017

WCE associate professor Alicia Brophy-Dick was elected NC Council for Exceptional Children’s President-Elect and Conference Chair for 2016 and assumed the role of 2017 president on Feb. 1.

UNCW Announcement of the Appointment

A UNCW homepage story announcing Brophy-Dick’s appointment is included in its entirety here (written by Caitlin Taylor ’18M, Office of University Relations)

UNCW Educator Appointed President of North Carolina Council for Exceptional Children

Advancing her dedication to education, UNCW assistant professor Alicia Brophy-Dick has been appointed the 2017 president for the North Carolina Council for Exceptional Children.

NC-CEC is the largest international nonprofit organization dedicated to improving educational outcomes for historically underserved children with exceptionalities, gifts and disabilities. They provide state and local support to educators through an annual conference and regional trainings, and offer scholarships and mini-grants for NC-CEC members.

“What I admire most about NC-CEC is how we help teachers and parents advocate for children with exceptionalities,” Brophy-Dick said. “We recognize and promote students who have achieved extraordinary successes despite what some may view as limitations. I am elated to have a platform to lead in the field of which I am so passionate.”

Brophy-Dick, an expert in childhood, elementary, middle, literacy and special education, first became involved with NC-CEC while working toward her doctorate. She aspires to increase NC-CEC enrollment at the state level and encourage more students to become involved with the organization. She currently is co-advising a UNCW student chapter and hopes to engage students now so they will have access to the latest research and evidence-based practices for their future classrooms. This kind of commitment to enhancing applied learning experiences and education programs upholds the vision of UNCW’s Strategic Plan.

“Our work in the Watson College of Education fostering educators includes recognizing each unique student and providing their teachers with the necessary skills and resources to educate them well,” said Van O. Dempsey III, dean of the Watson College of Education. “I know NC-CEC will flourish under the leadership of Dr. Brophy-Dick.”