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WCE Students use Crowdfunding to Support Schools in Belize

Friday, November 04, 2016

Nine Watson College students are working to raise funds for school supplies for children in Belize. The students, who will all complete a five-week internship in Belize in Spring 2017, are among the first on campus to use Tealstarter, UNCW’s official crowdfunding platform. Tealstarter was recently introduced by UNCW’s division of University Advancement to engage students in efforts to raise funds for projects that will enrich their college experience.

Jordan Hall ’17 and Kayla Wynne ’17 directed and produced a video to promote the student initiative.

"This will be my second trip to Belize,” Wynne wrote on the students’ Tealstarter page. “Access to basic school supplies is a huge need. Seeing the emotion on a child's face when they are given something as small as a pencil is unforgettable. That's when it really hit home for me just how much of a difference we're making in the lives of these children." 

The students hope to raise $3,000 by December 4 through the crowdfunding initiative.

“This is a student-driven initiative,” said Susan Catapano, WCE professor and International program coordinator. “In the past we have taken donated supplies to Belize, but the students’ work with the development office enables them to purchase materials in Belize where the money goes farther. This will not only benefit children, it has the added benefit of helping the local economy.”

To learn more about the project or make a donation, visit: https://crowdfunding.uncw.edu/belize.