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Faculty Initiate WCE Virtual Participation in Lecture Series Events

Saturday, November 05, 2016

On Oct. 20, Princeton professor Marta Tienda delivered the American Educational Research Association’s 13th annual Brown Lecture in Education and Research. Tienda is a leading scholar on immigration, population diversification, poverty and the roles they play in access to education. Her lecture, “Public Education and the Social Contract: Restoring the Promise in an Age of Diversity and Division,” was delivered in Washington, D.C. and live-streamed to viewers around the world.

Eddie Caropreso and Marta Sánchez invited WCE faculty to gather for a viewing and discussion of the Brown lecture at the Watson College. Caropreso is an associate professor and Sánchez is an assistant professor in WCE’s Department of Instructional Technology, Foundations and Secondary Education.

“The ‘Brown Lecture,’ so called to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Brown v. Board decision of Education, is important because it highlights the role and responsibility of researchers to engage in research that can move us toward a more equitable and just society,” Sánchez said. “The AERA website notes the important role research played in the Brown v. Board of Education decision. That is, the court, rather than relying on legal precedent, considered findings from social science research that demonstrated that segregation was detrimental to children of color, especially when it is the law that enables such a policy. As academics and social scientists, participating in the Brown Lecture with colleagues is an opportunity to discuss pressing issues in our field and also to ensure that the work we are doing challenges inequality and inequities in our schools and society.”

Caropreso has had a long-standing interest in exploring professional issues and seeking opportunities to engage in and discuss such issues within the WCE community and beyond. He and Sánchez view the AERA Brown Lecture as the first in a recurring series of events that provide opportunities to engage WCE faculty in dialogue around important issues in education.

‘’Given that AERA and other organizations now provide virtual access to events for which attendance would otherwise be prohibitively expensive, as a community of scholars and professionals we can take advantage of such opportunities,” Caropreso said. “These experiences aid in our own professional development, help us reflect such experiences in our teaching and provide opportunities to interact with both the university and local communities.”

AERA has announced a series of live-streamed lectures for the coming semester. Caropreso and Sánchez plan to organize and host faculty viewings as soon as the dates are announced.

Watch the Brown webcast here.

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