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Advancing Equity Seminars Held for WCE Students

Tuesday, November 01, 2016

On November 1, WCE’s Diversity Committee held a series of seminars for students on equity and diversity. The event featured five WCE faculty presentations and a student panel discussion.

Martin Wasserberg, assistant professor in the Department of Early Childhood, Elementary, Middle Grades, Literacy and Special Education and chair of WCE’s Diversity Committee, coordinated the event.

“We have a wide range of expertise on issues of diversity and equity here in the Watson College,” Wasserberg said. “We hope this pilot event will help broaden students’ horizons and grow into a diversity and equity annual conference in the years to come.”

Faculty presenters were:

  • Dr. Lisa Brown Buchanan: Using Children’s Literature to Teach Controversial Topics
  • Dr. Allen Lynn: Effective Strategies for Teaching Second-Language Learners
  • Dr. Susan Faircloth: Dispelling Myths and Stereotypes: Teaching about American Indians in the Early Grades
  • Dr. Kathy Fox: Family Literacy as Funds of Knowledge
  • Dr. Janna Robertson: Community Arts Integration

Dr. Amy Senta led a student panel discussion, titled “Interrogating Privilege.” Student panelists were Jenna Abbaticchio, Lauren Clayton, Korall Gilbert, Alisha Little and Kaylyn Scaturro.

The Watson College of Education Diversity Committee plays an important role for the Watson College by serving as an advocacy and advisory group on issues of equity and diversity; providing advice and support for recruitment and retention of students, faculty and staff; and by assisting the Watson College in identifying best practices and resources.

For more information about the committee, visit www.uncw.edu/ed/diversity.