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Youth Programs Offers Fall STEM Enrichment Programs

Friday, September 02, 2016

UNCW’s Youth Programs is offering Engineering and Robotics programs for four different age groups and three MarineQuest options for ages 7-14 this fall.

Engineering Explorations (ages 6-7 & 8-9) and Engineering Expectations (ages 10-11 & 12-14) encourage creative problem solving using the engineering design process. Each month will have a different theme that presents a unique problem to the students that they will use engineering to solve along with applying their science, technology and mathematics knowledge. For information or to register visit https://uncw.edu/youth/programs/engineeringrobotics.

MarineQuest is offering three programs:

Marine Explorers – Ages 7-10

MarineQuest’s popular Marine Explorers program returns! Join MarineQuest staff this fall for Saturday mornings filled with exciting scientific fun at the UNCW Center for Marine Science. Each month will focus on a different theme as participants experience first-hand what it's like to be a true Marine Explorer!

For information or to register visit https://uncw.edu/marinequest/explorers.html.

Home-at-Sea – Ages 11-14

Join MarineQuest this fall for Friday evenings with Home-at-Sea! Each month features different themes that explore the ABSeas of marine science including sea creatures, marine habitats and ocean phenomena. Join other students ages 11-14 to participate in lab experiments, field activities, games and more. For information or to register visit https://uncw.edu/marinequest/HomeatSea.html.

Sea GEMS – Girls ages 12-14

Sea GEMS school year program provides the opportunity to dive into marine science one Saturday afternoon a month! Meet, learn and serve with some truly inspirational female marine science faculty, associates and students at UNCW. Girls who participate in this program will have the opportunity to explore the four fields of marine science, learn about current issues, develop technical skills and engage in community service that benefits coastal habitats and organisms. For information or to register visit https://uncw.edu/marinequest/seagems2.html.