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PDS Hosts Fall Events, Adds Resource Webpage for Faculty

Friday, September 02, 2016

As the fall semester got underway, WCE’s PDS office was host to a series of events for partnership teachers, site coordinators and early childhood professionals. The office also held a fall meeting of the PDS Advisory Board and introduced website enhancements including a new PDS resource page for faculty.

Thirty-two teachers attended Partnership Teacher Workshops at the Watson College on August 16 and September 8, including many new partners who will host WCE interns for the first time during the 2016-17 academic year. The workshop provides an opportunity for teachers and faculty supervisors to discuss student coaching and mentoring, ask questions and share information about the intern practicum semester.

Annual site coordinator meetings were held at the Watson College on September 14 and 15. Site coordinators are appointed by principals in PDS partnership schools and serve as school-based liaisons to WCE’s PDS office. The meetings provide an opportunity to discuss program updates and share issues and concerns.

On September 22, directors of early childhood education programs in WCE’s partnership districts joined Hengameh Kermani, coordinator of WCE’s Education of Young Children program and PDS Director Somer Lewis for an annual meeting focused on the needs of young children.

A fall meeting of the PDS Advisory Board was held at the Watson College on September 1. The Board, first created in 2015, is comprised of 12 members representing core PDS constituents: site coordinators, partnership teachers and Watson faculty. In fall 2016, Clinton City Schools superintendent Stuart Blount and Watson College student Miranda Lancaster joined the board, adding school leadership and student representation to the mix.

PDS Website Enhancements for Faculty

The PDS Office has added a faculty resource page to the PDS website. The page includes links to national PDS organizations, grant and publication opportunities, district and school based needs assessments and other valuable information. Visit the new page here: https://uncw.edu/ed/pds/faculty.html.

About PDS

Watson College partnerships now include 146 schools in 12 school districts, including one Department of Defense district, two charter schools and four early colleges. More than 2,200 teachers in southeastern North Carolina are PDS partnership teachers. For more information on the PDS partnership visit www.unce.edu/ed/pds.

For more information on PDS events visit https://uncw.edu/ed/pds/news.html.