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Special Alumni Event with ‘Watson the Whale’ – May 17

Friday, April 01, 2016

Watson College of Education alumni are invited to a complimentary dinner and evening with friends on Tuesday, May 17. The special event, which will be held in the Education Building at 5:30 p.m., will feature special guest ‘Watson the Whale’.

Watson is MarineQuest’s life-size inflatable whale "classroom." During the 2015-16 school year, Watson is traveling around the state with marine biologist and school program facilitator Emily Singleton, educating K-8 students on the problems marine debris causes for migratory ocean animals swimming along the coast. Since October 1, Watson and Singleton have traveled 4,225 miles and engaged 6,351 students and 267 teachers.

The whale is filled with organs that are used to simulate what happens when whales come in contact with ocean debris.  Award-winning educator, Sue Kezios, director of UNCW’s Youth Programs and her educational team, will be on hand May 17 to demonstrate how the whale allows teachers and children to diagnose sick whales from the inside out.

All Watson College alumni are invited to join us for this special event!

Register by May 11 at https://giving.uncw.edu/event-registration-pages/WCEalumni16.

For more information about Watson the Whale and MarineQuest’s Traveling Through Trash (3T) school outreach project, visit www.uncw.edu/marinequest/AboutTravelingThroughTrash.html