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WCE Students Answer the Question, “What’s Your Call to Teach?”

Thursday, November 05, 2015

WCE associate professor Candace Thompson is passionate about teaching. She stated, “Teaching is a revolutionary act of love, a commitment to engaging in a relationship that changes lives and grows beautiful minds – our students and our own.”

As the fall semester got underway, Thompson asked students in her EDN-200 course to contemplate their personal call to teach and share the answers with others.

Responses were handwritten on colored paper and affixed with paper clips and string to a display board located in the atrium of the Education Building during September and early October.

“Declaring one’s commitment and aspirational hopes publicly is a powerful act that asks us to be accountable for what we believe about teaching and learning and who we want to be as teachers-leaders,” Thompson said.

Under a heading titled, “What’s Your Call to Teach?” Thompson wrote, “These statements represent the early steps in a hopeful journey to teach with great care, deep respect, powerful knowledge, a commitment to service and justice, and a love for learning that lasts a lifetime. What’s Calling You?”

Many answers centered on a desire to make a difference in the lives of children and follow in the footsteps of teachers who have inspired and encouraged them. Students said they hope to “show kids joys and wonders,” “help students dream big even when being faced with adversity,” and “become an everyday hero.”

EDN-200, titled “Teacher School and Society” is an introductory course that acquaints prospective teachers with the diverse roles of teachers. It focuses on the teacher as decision-maker; careers in education; social, historical and philosophical foundations of education; governmental and organizational aspects of schools; and current and future trends in American education.

Student responses to the question “What’s Your Call to Teach?” included:

“My call to teach is the pure joy I know I will have every day for bettering my students. To me there is no better joy than seeing someone succeed in something you taught them.”

“I want to teach because I love working with kids and I love watching them learn. To see a lightbulb go off for my students will make every day a great one.”

“I realized my call to teach when I was asked to teach a preschool class and didn’t mind getting up early, taking extra time off work and visiting some of my students at home. It was worth it to watch them grow.”

“The reason for my call to teach is to help better my Hispanic community and other ELL students by becoming an ELS teacher.”

“I want to teach because I want to love, inspire and support the growing generation. I want to be able to look back on my life and know I made a difference in one child’s life.”

“I feel like my call to teach is to see the face of a child when they learn to do something that they didn’t think they could do.”

“Through teaching, I want to foster a positive change in the community. I also hope to learn from my students and inspire a love for education.”

“I want to change children’s lives for the better by teaching them, supporting them and caring for them.”

“My call to teach is to show kids the joys and wonders that music can bring in their lives the same as it has in mine.”

“My call to teach is to help my students dream big even when being faced with adversity, to be colorful even when their world seems only black & white, and to be motivated and driven not only in the classroom but also in the world inhabited with some people who would willingly watch them fail, It is my dream to be able to give my students a wonder for things about the world, to ask questions and for them to want to leave my classroom and be a light to the people around them.”

“I believe that my call to teach is to help children be the best that they can be. I feel that it is my role as a human to help give children a great and memorable education.”

“My call to teach is the dream of reaching that last resounding chord in a piece of music and watching as those eyes light up and realize their hard work has paid off. They earned it, and I was able to lead them.”

“My call to teach came from my being a little girl and playing school at home with my sisters and many stuffed animals, creating class rules and homework, pretending that I was the real deal. One day I hope my imaginary classroom comes to real life and I can make a difference on all the students and teach just like my teachers did for me.”

“I will be the one to let all my students know that they are capable of anything. I will be the constant, supportive and caring influence in their lives.”

“My call to teach comes from loving the sparkle in a child’s eyes when they finally understand the subject matter and knowing I had something to do with it.”

“Through teaching I want to be an inspiration and touch students’ lives like the majority of teachers throughout my life have! I want to bring a feeling of confidence when they succeed AND to build off their failures.”

“I want to bring out the shining eyes in my students just like how my teachers brought out the shining eyes in me. They were my inspiration.”

“I feel like my call to teach is to see the face of a child when they learn to do something that they didn’t think they could do.”

“I want to teach because everyone who has inspired and driven me in life was a teacher. I want to push and inspire students in the same way.”

“I feel the call to teach because I know the influence I would make on the minds, and even deeper, the souls that have not yet matured. I am compelled, convinced and committed to teach because I know what it’s like to be told, ‘You won’t,’ ‘you can’t.’ I know the difference saying, ‘you will,’ ‘you are.’ I want to be a voice of inspiration.”

“My call to teach is to help children with disabilities. I believe I can make a big difference on their lives and working with children is very rewarding.”

“My call to teach is paying if forward and championing children the way I have been championed. I want to respond to the pressing and urgent need for hope and change in our education system.”

“As a child, a few people had a major impact on my growth and those people were teachers. I want to lead as a teacher and help students grow as my teachers helped me.”

“I am called to teach because I want to be remembered for the right reasons as an everyday hero. I want to help those in need.”

“My call to teach is my desire to make a difference in kids’ lives. I aspire to be a positive role model and mentor for young kids as much as I do an educator.”

“I am called to teach because I have passion for shaping our FUTURE. Not only do I want to teach children how to multiply. I want to teach my students how to be productive members of society.”