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WCE Shows Appreciation for Teachers with Thank You Video, StarNews Ad

Thursday, May 07, 2015

In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, WCE's Professional Development System (PDS) Office worked with faculty, staff and students to create a video thanking teachers in the college's PDS partnership. A link to the video was shared via email with more than 2,000 teachers on May 4.

View the video here: https://youtu.be/WajBBFkKSIE

On May 6, the college placed a full-page ad in the StarNews expressing thanks to all teachers for their commitment, hard work and dedication to the children in our region and their families. The ad contained a QR code to the video produced by PDS.

"Teachers work so hard and often feel their efforts are unappreciated. The video was a way for us to simply say, 'thank you,'" said PDS director Somer Lewis.

Brad Walker, associate professor in WCE's Department of Early Childhood, Elementary, Middle Grades, Literacy and Special Education, and department chair Kathy Fox wrote copy for the StarNews ad. "Faculty and staff at the college felt it was important to express our appreciation for teachers in a public way," Walker said. "This is something many of us have wanted to do for a long, long time."

The StarNews ad can also be viewed here >