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PDS, Brunswick County Schools Offer Employment Advice to WCE Students

Wednesday, May 06, 2015

In partnership with WCE's Professional Development System Office, Brunswick County Schools (BCS) held a workshop for pre-service teachers titled "Tricks of the Trade: Interviews, Resumes and Professional Tips from Brunswick County Schools." Mark Pasier and Lori Barrett were featured presenters at the event, held April 16 at the Watson College. Pasier is executive director of human resources for BCS and Barrett is the district's staffing coordinator.

Thirty-four students enrolled in undergraduate and MAT programs at the Watson College attended the workshop, designed to help pre-service teachers conduct an effective job search.

Pasier and Barrett covered a wide range of topics during the one-hour event. They explained the North Carolina teacher application process and how to navigate the district's website; shared strategies for building an effective resume and conducting a successful interview; and recommended follow-up with the school's principal after each meeting.

Pdsbrunswick1They also stressed the importance of professionalism and attention to details.

Pasier explained that little things like misspellings can cause a candidate to be moved from the "A pile" to the "B pile." He said the objective on a resume matters, and encouraged students to be as specific as possible. In answering questions, he advised students to share their personal philosophy and experiences.

As an example, Pasier said when asked about classroom management style, many new teachers will provide a definition of classroom management. "A more in-depth answer, explaining a classroom situation you encountered, how you handled it and why" provides a more effective and memorable response, he said.

PDS director Somer Lewis said students appreciated receiving practical advice from a potential future employer, and the PDS Office hopes to partner with Brunswick County to host similar events in the future.