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WCE Supports Donation Drive for Old Dock Elementary School

Saturday, January 03, 2015

Donation Drive for Old Dock Elementary School

A devastating fire at Old Dock Elementary School in Columbus County on Jan. 7 destroyed the nearly 80-year-old building that housed the school’s office, library and several classrooms.

Classes resumed the following day, with 65 students displaced to the gym until modular buildings could be arranged.

Somer Lewis, director of WCE’s Professional Development System Office, contacted the district office to see how WCE could help and notified faculty and staff of the school’s need for books, office supplies and classroom materials.

Over several days, the PDS Office collected supplies in support of a Pride at the Dock donation drive organized by Old Dock parent Jennifer Boyd and principal Ronna Gore. Lewis said she received many donations, including gift baskets from WCE SNCAE and two car loads of supplies from Amelia Imig, the 9-year-old daughter of WCE professor Scott Imig, who took it upon herself to collect donations from her neighborhood, her class at Island Montessori School as well as the Davis Community in Porters Neck.

AmeliaLewis was pleased but not surprised by the strong show of support from Watson College faculty and staff.

“Columbus County is a Watson College partnership school district,” Lewis said. “But this is really a story about teachers and students who needed help and that’s what the Watson College and the PDS Office do. We support teachers and students.”

Lewis and WCE Professional Experiences director Cindy Wiseman delivered the supplies to Old Dock Elementary School on Jan. 16. Lewis was featured in a WECT story the same day about the outpouring of community support for the school. View the story here:http://www.wect.com/story/27872266/community-rallies-to-replace-items-lost-in-old-dock-school-fire?autostart=true.