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WCE Launches Website to Promote Employment, Volunteer Opportunities

Thursday, January 08, 2015

Office of Student Engagement and Recruitment Kayak Event

In January, WCE’s Office of Student Engagement and Recruitment introduced a new website to help connect Watson College students and alumni to volunteer and employment opportunities in the region.

Amy Rottmann, director of student engagement and recruitment at the college, teamed with Krystine Wetherill, WCE’s senior web developer to create the site. It includes two portals for opportunity listings:  “Do You Need Volunteers?” and “Do You Have Employment Opportunities?” 

Under “Do You Need Volunteers?,” WCE’s faculty and community partners answer five simple questions about their volunteer needs. Once posted, WCE students can self-select to participate in opportunities in service to the campus and the community. “Do You Have Employment Opportunities?” allows WCE partnership schools to enter teaching positions as openings arise, and provide employer contact information. A list of employment postings and volunteer postings will be prominently displayed on the homepage. The listings will be reviewed to ensure information remain current.

Rottmann hopes the website will facilitate connections between students and WCE school and community partners by making the process easy and efficient.

“We often hear from students that the process of finding available teaching positions is cumbersome,” Rottmann said. “The process of matching student volunteers to needs is almost entirely manual. Usually, someone calls or sends me an email, then I put out calls or emails to students in an effort to find people to fill the need. We hope this bulletin-board type listing will help everyone by raising awareness and facilitating matches.”

On Jan. 21, the day the website went live, there was already an employment opportunity posted on the site. B.T. Bullock Elementary School in Sanford, N.C. is seeking a bright and passionate second grade teacher who can start as soon as possible. Rottmann hopes the listing will be the first of many as awareness of the website grows.

For more information, visit the new Office of Student Engagement & Recruitment website atwww.uncw.edu/ed/oser.