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Janna Robertson Compiles Information on School to Prison Pipeline

Sunday, January 04, 2015

Janna Robertson

Watson College professor and Dropout Prevention Coalition co-coordinator Janna Robertson served on the New Hanover County Safer Schools Task Force, and is part of a subgroup working on an Inter-agency agreement to change the discipline policy in New Hanover County Schools. A goal of the group is to stop the School to Prison Pipeline by initiating positive, preventative measures.

Robertson has compiled national, state and local research and resources related to reducing suspensions, expulsions and incarceration of juveniles or young adults.

The resources can be viewed here: http://saferschoolstaskforce.weebly.com/school-to-prison-pipeline.html

On Dec. 11, the UNCW Watson College of Education Dropout Prevention Coalition sponsored an event titled “Stopping the School to Prison Pipeline: New Approaches to Supporting Student Well-being.”  An overview of the event is here: www.uncw.edu/ed/news/dpc121114.html