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CESTEM Takes Raspberry Pi Technology to Charlotte

Friday, January 02, 2015


UNCW’s Center for Education in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (CESTEM) recently added Raspberry Pi kits to the inventory available for teacher checkout through the Technology Loan Program. Raspberry Pi is an inexpensive credit card sized computer designed to promote basic programming skills among K-12 students. It is gaining wide acceptance in schools around the world.

CESTEM hopes to bring the Raspberry Pi to school age children throughout North Carolina by raising awareness, conducting workshops for teachers and students and facilitating teacher access to Raspberry Pi kits through the Technology Loan program.

CESTEM assistant director Christopher Gordon and Alisa Wickliff, associate director of the Center for STEM Education at UNC Charlotte, showed educators how to integrate the Raspberry Pi technology into instruction during a STEM conference in Charlotte on Jan. 6. Fourteen educators attended the workshop presentation.

On Jan. 16, Gordon and Wickliff introduced the technology to 26 fifth grade students at Sadler Elementary School. During the workshop at the school, students conducted four computer science activities that included developing algorithmic thinking skills, sorting large numbers, counting in binary and using the Raspberry Pi. 

The events followed a workshop CESTEM offered in partnership with the UNCW STAR Grant program for teachers in Southeastern North Carolina last fall.

The Raspberry Pi was designed to help students learn how computers work, how to manipulate the electronic world around them and how to program. For more information, visit www.raspberrypi.org.

For information on the CESTEM Technology Loan Program, visit https://uncw.edu/cestem/loan.html