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WCE Receives Outstanding Reaccreditation Report

Thursday, November 13, 2014

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The Watson College of Education is proud to announce results of its 2013-14 reaccreditation review by the National Council of Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE), now the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP). The college has received full approval of all undergraduate and graduate level teacher preparation programs, having met six rigorous standards set by the professional education community.

The standards are: candidate knowledge, skills and professional dispositions; assessment system and unit evaluation; field experiences and clinical practice; diversity; faculty qualifications, performance and development; and unit governance and resources.

The commission cited no areas for improvement relative to any of the standards, according to a letter by CAEP president James G. Cibulka to UNCW Chancellor William Sederburg.

In an exit interview with Watson College Dean Kenneth Teitelbaum and UNCW Provost Denise Battles last spring, the chair of the NCATE site review team referred to the WCE Teacher Education Program in glowing terms: “an amazing special place”; “a staggering commitment to candidates”; “very responsive”; “inspirational”; “a vibrant intellectual community”; and “a beacon for those in the schools whose flame may be wavering.”

 “It is certainly gratifying to receive such strong affirmation of what we do from our national accrediting body,” Teitelbaum stated at that time.

NCATE logoAfter receiving the official report in November, Teitelbaum again congratulated Watson College’s faculty and staff, with special recognition for Ann Potts, associate dean in the Office of Teacher Education and Outreach and Tamara Walser, associate professor and director of assessment, who led the effort for the intensive review as part of the college’s continuous assessment process.

“There are a lot of people clamoring for more accountability of K-12 schooling as well as university teacher education programs,” Teitelbaum said. “We just went through a rigorous accreditation review, which included extensive documentation, multiple reports, and a site visit by a team of reviewers.  And we were found to have ‘no areas of improvement relative to any of the standards.’ I think that says it all about the teacher education program that is offered by the faculty and staff of our college!” 

Chancellor Sederburg extended congratulations to Teitelbaum, faculty and staff “for the excellent work reflected in this statement by NCATE.” Provost Battles wrote to Teitelbaum, “A wonderful result clearly deserving of congratulations. My appreciation to you and your colleagues for your hard work in support of this outcome.”

The Watson College of Education’s next national accreditation review is scheduled for spring 2021.