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WCE Professors Survey NC Principals on Master’s Pay

Sunday, November 02, 2014

In recent years, education reformers have questioned many public school practices including monetary rewards for teachers based on experience and advanced degrees. This stems from a growing body of research that analyzes student performance on standardized tests and compares the data to teacher variables including years in the classroom, level of education and type of degrees obtained.

In July 2013, the North Carolina General Assembly enacted legislation that alters teacher compensation and eliminates pay supplements for teachers with a master’s degree.

Watson College professors Scott Imig and Robert Smith wanted to ascertain North Carolina public school administrators’ point of view on the topic. Last spring, they completed a survey of 300 principals to determine the value school administrators place on teacher experience and advanced degrees.

The findings indicate that North Carolina principals overwhelmingly value teacher experience and support teachers earning advanced degrees. Nearly 85 percent of principals reported that teachers’ classroom practice improves as a result of the teachers pursuing advanced degrees, and 82 percent said classroom practice improves as teachers gain years of experience.

A summary report was issued in June. View the report here: