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Self-Mentoring Program Enters Third Year in Duplin County

Saturday, November 01, 2014

Duplin County Schools offers a Beginning Teacher (BT) Support Program for teachers

Duplin County Schools offers a Beginning Teacher (BT) Support Program for teachers during their first three years in the classroom. Mentoring, principal support, teacher collaboration and participation in professional learning communities are all components of the program. Self-Mentoring™ was added to the BT Support program in 2012.

The Self-Mentoring program was developed by Marsha Carr, an assistant professor in WCE’s Department of Educational Leadership, to help individuals grow professionally and take charge of their own success. Participants in the program learn to improve research, collaboration and networking skills as they work through four levels of self-mentoring. The levels include awareness, development, reflection and self-monitoring.

Carolyn Smith, lead beginning teacher and National Board Certification coordinator for Duplin County Schools, said Self-Mentoring has been very beneficial for beginning teachers.

“We have seen the teachers grow as leaders, and we have seen them grow as individuals,” she said.

Carr was invited to deliver the keynote at a BT conference in Duplin County in June, held to celebrate the success of Self-Mentoring and the BT Support Program.

La’Terri Underwood, a science teacher at Wallace-Rose Hill High School and participant in the Self-Mentoring program in Duplin during the 2013-14 school year, also spoke at the conference. Underwood said Self-Mentoring helped her set personal and professional goals, and she appreciated practical aspects of the program such as a suggestion to record her classroom instruction for personal reflection at a later time.

“Self-Mentoring helps keep that fire burning in the profession and it eliminates burn-out,” Underwood said. “I continue to use every tool that was provided in the program.”

Carr is continuing to facilitate Self-Mentoring, which is offered as part of Duplin County’s BT Support Program during the 2014-15 school year. She trademarked the concept in 2013 and has introduced additional Self-Mentoring programs in schools in Charlotte-Mecklenburg and Sampson County. A pilot program in New Hanover County is planned for later this year.

For information, visit www.selfmentoring.net