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Powell Presents Research at Scholarship Brown Bag Event

Saturday, November 01, 2014

Debbie Powell

Debbie Powell, an associate professor in the Language and Literacy Graduate Program at the Watson College, has extensively studied the standards for writing around the world and the research on quality formative assessment. Based on the research she developed a comprehensive web-based product to help teachers deliver more effective writing instruction.

The product, called Universal Writing Continuum, was introduced to teachers, schools and districts in spring 2014 after three years of testing in schools in five states. The product is offered through UNI-Spire, a small business Powell founded in association with UNCW earlier this year.

Powell presented her research and introduced the Universal Writing Continuum to faculty and staff at a Scholarship Brown Bag presentation at the college on Oct 23.

Powell was featured for her work with Uni-SPIRE and the Universal Writing Continuum in a “We Are UNCW” article that appeared in the university’s newsletter and on UNCW’s home page in August.

View the article here: https://uncw.edu/articles/2014/08/debbie-powell.aspx?altTemplate=WeAreUNCWArticle

For more information on Uni-SPIRE and the Universal Writing Continuum,  visitwww.thewritingcontinuum.com