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50 Teachers Participate in the First Years of Teaching Support Program at WCE

Monday, November 03, 2014

Teachers Participate in the First Years of Teaching Support Program

The Watson College of Education supports its graduates in the first three years of their teaching career through the First Years of Teaching Support Program. The program, managed by WCE Professional Development System (PDS) director Somer Lewis, provides online resources for teachers and administrators. The college also hosts a series of professional learning days for beginning teachers each school year.

Fifty teachers participated in a beginning teacher professional development day at the Watson College on Nov. 7. Brian Brinkley, director of the Betty Holden Stike Education Laboratory at the college, was keynote speaker at the event. Brinkley delivered an inspirational presentation titled “You Are a Superhero… Whether You Know It or Not!”

Teachers Participate in the First Years of Teaching Support ProgramWatson College faculty and a graduate student partnered with Lewis to offer a series of breakout sessions for the teachers during the full-day event:

  • An Introduction to Humane Education: Solution-Focused Global Teaching and Learning for Grades K-12, Elizabeth Crawford
  • My Journey to Teach Like a Pirate: Increase Student Engagement, Boost Your Creativity and Transform Your Life as an Educator, Michael MacGovern
  • Thinking Straight about Literacy Matters: Spending Our Time on the Engagements that Matter Most, Brad Walker
  • Tailored Tech Tools for the Tiptop Techy Teacher, Jeff Ertzberger, Salena Rabidoux
  • Integrating English Language Learners into the Mainstream Classroom, Eleni Pappamihiel
  • Accessing the General Education Curriculum: Instructional Supports for Students with Disabilities, Terri Collins

For information on the First Years of Teaching Program, visit www.uncw.edu/ed/teach1