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Advisory Board Holds First Fall Meeting

Friday, September 05, 2014

Watson College Advisory Board

The first 2014-15 meeting of the Watson College Advisory Board was held Sept. 15. WCE department chairs Susan Catapano, Donyell Roseboro and Kathy Fox, associate deans Carol McNulty and Ann Potts and Development Director Elise Mullaney joined Dean Kenneth Teitelbaum and advisory board members at a dinner meeting hosted by the college.

The meeting began with a presentation by Teitelbaum of recent accomplishments and recognitions the college has experienced and challenges WCE faces. An open discussion about how the community perceives the Watson College and other topics followed.

The purpose of the advisory board is to directly inform community members about programs, activities, accomplishments and challenges of the college, and to garner input about the Watson College and ways it can perhaps improve. The board is comprised of members from local schools, social service agencies and related settings. 

Front (L-R): LaTanya Pattillo, Shelia Sokolinsky, Jennifer Booher, Dawn Vickers, Karen Baker, Sabrina Hill-Black, Deloris Rhodes; Back (L-R): Edelmira Segovia, Michael Cobb, Dean Kenneth Teitelbaum, Ed Pruden, L.S. “Bo” Dean, Amy Pridgen; Not in photo: Daryl Dockery, Louise Hicks, Tim Markley, Andrew Rinko, Yasmin Tomkinson, Clancy Thompson